Who sleeps anymore?

One of my favorite people ever is Oscar Wilde. So perhaps it is only fitting that I feel like one of his quotes, with all due respect to Jerry Seinfeld, rather sums up this blog: “I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.” I get to come here and post things that usually keep me up late at night, things that are usually about nothing, and few of you hold judgment against me for doing it.

And while I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis lately, don’t think I’ve been sleeping more (nor that actual, useful thoughts have been plaguing me). In fact, while life has taken away some of my blogging time, it has continued to give me plenty of fodder. Alas, I’ve read if a post is over 350 words, y’all just don’t wanna plod through it. So, in an effort to get caught up on random musings about nothing, here in one post are the seeds of several thoughts that I’ve been mulling over come 3:00 a.m.

First, a blinding light of clarity hit me in Target: The reason why gauntlets came back in style a few years ago (I think the young people call them wrist-warmers) is because you cannot text in gloves. So there is reason behind fashion! See? Now, if only I can figure a way to justify stiletto-heeled boots . . .

But clarity is always soon clouded over in my muddled little brain, because I just don’t understand why all my skin care products contain alcohol to preserve them and keep them looking new, smooth, and to hold their shape, while, regardless of the amount of alcohol I drink, I’m still aging, getting wrinkly and falling apart.

And thinking about alcohol brings me to yet another question: why is it when I make a vodka infusion with an entire pineapple and a pint each of strawberries and blueberries, it does not count toward my recommended daily allowance of fruits? And if it does, does that mean can make Bloody Mary with V8 juice and say I’m having a salad?

In a different vein . . . On a recent visit to see a relative in the hospital for a gallbladder issue, we had to go to the Cardiac Failure Unit to find him. Aside from the fact that I’m pretty sure the gallbladder and heart are two separate organs, I was a bit confused as to the name of the wing: Cardiac Failure Unit. If you were a patient being wheeled into an area destined for any kind of failure, how hopeful would you be for your future? Was that really the best they could come up with? Why not be a little more straight forward and write “so long sucker!” on a Post-it note and slap it on the door?

And, finally, according to the county where I live, I am not allowed to throw away partially-used cans of oven cleaner in the regular trash because it is too toxic for the landfill — TOO TOXIC FOR THE LANDFILL. Instead, I must hold on to it until a designated date and deliver it with other “household toxic wastes” to a specified location. Why is oven cleaner too dangerous for a landfill, but apparently safe enough to use in my home and immediately bake cookies in my oven afterward?

So there you have it folks, some of the miscellaneous ramblings about nothing that have been keeping me up at night. What’s keeping you awake?



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5 responses to “Who sleeps anymore?

  1. Oh boy, could I add to this topic for days 🙂 The street I live on intersects with a very short, one-block street named Laris Drive. It intersects with my street about midway. At one end it intersects with another street, never to be seen again. At the other end it dead ends into a dense forest, and about six feet before the forest is a sign that says “Dead End”. What I want to know is, Why is that? It isn’t like a street that they warn you about before you enter in case you think there will be another exit somewhere further along…here, if you can see the sign, you can see the dead end. Drives me batty! Know what I mean?

  2. A great summary of the things that roll around in your head! Your perspectives are just, as well as funny. Salad, indeed! (Downtown there is a restaurant proclaiming it’s name on a giant banner: SALAD WORLD. My daughter rolled her eyes and said, “oh, I wish I could eat lunch there.”) I’ve summarized in a like manner ( http://crystaltrulove.wordpress.com/2009/12/06/snapshot-of-early-december/ ) attempting to get my blog on without putting readers to sleep. I can fully identify with being preoccupied much of the time with nothing. Thanks for your miscellaneous ramblings.

  3. Lisa – this is great, thanks for the entertainment (sorry it has kept you up).

  4. Switch out the strawberries for Pomegranates…….more anti oxidants!

    Spread the humor: charlywalker.wordpress.com

  5. a little late but… stilettos you say? not only do they make you taller (an advantage as a lookout) but they can be used as weapons – what more justification is needed? case closed, rest well

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