I Feel Validated

Yes, I was so validated this morning I was ready to blast into the kitchen and announce the news, but somehow on the way downstairs I forgot about it and it wound up being breakfast as usual at our house. But I remember now. I’m like Ron White that way: a thought easily escapes my mind, but eventually it finds its way back home. You just gotta be patient.

Anyway, I’ve long been adamant that multitasking is nothing to brag about. I know as a woman I’m not supposed to say that because there’s a rumor out there saying mothers are born multitaskers. I don’t believe it. It’s not something we’re born with, it’s just something we’re stuck with having to do–like changing diapers. What’s the alternative? There is none. Some of us are better than others–multitasking that is, though I suppose the same could be said for diaper changing. I’m good at multitasking sometimes, but not frequently but it always stresses me the hell out. And I’m not alone, hence someone invented National Single-tasking day.

I remember when I first found out about it. I was going to tell everyone I knew and force them into celebrating it by doing one thing at a time for the entire day. Of course I forgot about it when something shiny caught my eye. But it’s Feb. 22, for those of you who don’t believe me. And I have an alarm set for Feb. 21 and 22 in my Outlook calendar. We’ll have fun with it next year, damn it.

But, back to my validation . . . This morning on Good Morning America I learned someone somewhere did a study that proves the human mind can only handle two tasks at a time. Any more than that and we just don’t do a good job, the more we do the less we do it well. Isn’t that fabulous news? Now, every time I’m late somewhere because I was crooning with Crowded House on the car radio (singing + driving = 2 things), I no longer have to feel like a complete idiot when I take the wrong turn in my neighborhood and get lost. No one should have expected me to be on time to begin with. If they did, they’d request that I dont’ listen to the radio when I’m on my way. And the next time I walk to my mailbox and I’m talking on the phone (walking + talking = 2 things) and I forget to get the mail, it’s OK. Again, no one should have expected me to be able to remember to get it to begin with.

You have no idea how much lighter my step was today every time I realized it’s perfectly natural, maybe even normal, to lose the things I lost today: coffee cup, car keys, shopping cart, blue tooth (twice), glass of water, and comb (it’s only 3:30 folks, that’s why the list is so short). I’m in the midst of several projects that I keep focusing on and getting interrupted by. I’m sure each one of those things was lost when I was trying to focus on more than two things.

All my life I’ve wondered why it is that I’m constantly backtracking and rebacktracking, and now I know it’s because I am not meant to do more than two things at once, and I pretty much live my life doing much more than that. Frankly I’m amazed I’ve made it to my age with all my limbs attached. Life must be good, indeed.



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2 responses to “I Feel Validated

  1. thelisas

    Just popped into your page after reading the comment you left on ours, and found more synchronicity: We other Lisa’s were just recently discussing the cons of multitasking and we also enjoy Crowded House (though we have a slight preference for Neil Finn’s previous group, Split Enz).

  2. Lisa,
    This is great! I always thought I was a good multi-tasker, but after reading your post, I guess the only reason I manage at multi-tasking is because I’ve trained myself to do one single-task well: write things down! (If I don’t write things down, then I forget appointments, misplace things, etc.)

    Thanks for another great post!


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