Peter Pan’s on the news tonight

I just got the latest run down of the school-day events from my elementary-school daughter and I realized she could have been an anchor for CNN.  Really, her reporting isn’t too different from what I’m finding on TV these days.  I’m beginning to think all the world is Not a stage, but instead a giant playground.  And all the players just children, some of whom are learning to play nice and pick up after themselves and some of whom are continuing to break the rules and misbehave.

Look at China.  China refuses to talk with Pres. Obama if he meets with the Dalai Lama.  I’ve heard something similar before.  I think it came from an 8-year old saying “she said she wouldn’t be my friend if I was So-and-So’s friend.”

There’s trash messying up the ocean, making areas in the Pacific and now the Atlantic look like my son’s corner of the playroom with his Legos and “inventions” strewn about.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget the military armaments washing up on Israel’s shores–looks like someone forgot to put away his toys, again.

And remember the passive-aggressive classroom bully who somehow always looked like a victim at the expense of another student?  He was found on Larry King the other night in the form of Dennis Praeger when he tried to make ManCrunch look like the big, green meany.  Really, his objeciton to the ad is because he’s against homosexuality, but instead of acting like an adult and standing up or what he believed,  he hid behind a “what about the children” stance. (He claimed the ad shouldn’t be put on TV because it would be too difficult and embarrassing for parents to have to explain what it was about if their children should ask questions.  Now tell me, where has he been all this long while when I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain Cialis and Viagara commercials?  I find those to be much more embarrassing and difficult than gay relationships!)

Even the media is stuck in playing childhood games.  There is a constant barage of complaints about how biased the other channels and news outlets are–which reminds me of the “well, he started it” line of reasoning. 

It’s just staggering to me.  Mind blowing, really.  I find it laughable, yet at the same time depressing as hell.


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